The Miracle

I was teaching about Jesus and his travels to my preschoolers. I told them about the miracles he preformed along the way. We made the craft, after listening to the story of how Jesus made enough food for thousands from 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. You will need these items:

  • pictures of fish and bread loaves
  • paste
  • scissors
  • construction paper
  • paper plate

There are pictures on the internet or take your own of bread and fish. Have your preschoolers cut them out if they know how to use scissors, otherwise cut them out. Have the children paste them on the construction paper. Next cut a paper plate in half. Paste one half under the fish and bread so it resembles a basket.IMG_0916

Rainbow Headband

Here is an easy craft for preschoolers. The lesson was on colors. Most kids love rainbows so I decided to make something fun with them. You will need these supplies:

  • poster board or long white paper
  • green construction paper
  • picture of a rainbow
  • picture of the sun
  • paste or glue
  • scissors

Cut length wise on the poster board or paper about 2 inches wide. Measure your child’s head, before gluing or stapling the ends of the headband together. Find pictures of a rainbow and a sun off the internet and print them out. If it’s a coloring page, the kids can color it first. Paste the rainbow and sun on the front of the headband. Draw a shamrock on the green construction paper. If you draw the heads in the shape of a heart, you shouldn’t have any issues drawing a shamrock. Cut the shamrock out and paste it on the side of the headband. I prefer one shamrock on each side of headband. Have fun. Makes a good St. Paddy’s project.

Another Preschool Holiday Project

This is a simple decoration a child can do. You will need:

  • old Holiday cards
  • garland
  • paste / glue
  • ribbon

This is a great project for Christmas and can be hung on the tree. It can also be used for Valentine’s Day for shaping the garland into a heart shape instead of a square around the picture.

Have cards ready for the child. Glue or paste the garland around the rim of the card. Glue ribbon on the top,IMG_0898 if it is to be hung up. In the case of Valentines, this step can be omitted.

Church Project for Preschoolers

Preschoolers have a short attention span and I wanted them to learn about the church in a fun way. I came up with this project. You can find pictures on the internet and print them out. I traced a picture of a church and applied it to construction paper. Then take another piece of construction and only trace the main part of the church without the steeple to represent the inside of the church. I used pictures of a bell, candle, cross, and an altar or draw them yourself.

Supplies needed:

  • 2 sheets of construction paper
  • tracing paper and pencil
  • pictures of cross, bell, altar, church, candle, chalice
  • glue / paste
  • scissors

After you have the two sheets of construction paper ready, have the kids paste / glue the candle, altar, and chalice on the inside of the church picture. Set it aside. Then glue the bell, and cross on the outside church picture. I also had the kids color in the windows. Glue / paste the edge of the front of church to the inside. Now they have a 3-D picture.


Easy Preschool Prayer Book

I’ve been teaching preschoolers religion and came up with this idea so they could learn their prayers. You will need:

  • ribbon
  • construction paper
  • punch holder
  • picture of child praying
  • prayers
  • glue or paste

Fold two construction papers together like a book. Punch three holes on the edge. Pull ribbon through each hole and tie in a knot. On the front cover of prayer book, paste/ glue a picture of a child praying. You can find pictures on the internet or take a photo

of a child in the process. On the inside, you can write on each page the prayer you want the child to learn. I found a picture of a child doing the sign of the cross and added it to the book.