The Marvels of Marigolds

In ancient times, Marigolds were used to flavor and color foods. They were added to salads and used as a garnish in soups. Some people believed Marigolds could wipe evil thoughts from one’s head. While others believed that by looking at the herb, their eyesight was improved and their disposition became cheery. In medical journals of old, the Marigold was used to combat plague. During the Civil War, Marigold leaves and its juice treated open wounds and stopped the bleeding in large cuts. In WWII, the flowers promoted sweating to treat bronchial problems. This herb was considered to be a good luck charm at wedding feasts because its bright yellow flowers were thought to reflect the goodness of the sun.

Here is an old love potion: Mix together thyme, Marigolds, honey, vinegar, and wormwood. Anoint the breasts, hips, and stomach with the salve and lie on a bed.  Repeat the words:

  • Be kind to me. In dreams, let my true love see.

Do you have rough skin? Add 2-3 T. Marigold petals to 100 ml of boiling water. Whisk it into some unscented moisturizing cream. Apply the cream to your skin.

Here is a custard recipe using Marigolds. You will need these ingredients:

  • 3 T. Marigold petals
  • 2 T. sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla
  • 2 eggs
  • 450 ml milk

Grind the petals in a mortar. Blend the other ingredients together. Add the ground petals. Preheat oven to 285 degrees F. Pour concoction into small individual ramekin dishes. Stand the dishes in a shallow tray of water and bake for half an hour until the custard sets.

Marigolds were highly prized in ancient times. They are beautiful in flower gardens now. Why not try something different with them?





The Rose And Its Mighty Power

Did you know red roses were once considered a valid treatment for rabies? Rose oil is an astringent and antiseptic. It will stop bleeding quickly, prevent infection, and help in healing. It can be used on minor cuts and scrapes. Fair-skinned women, of long ago, collected dew from morning rose petals and used it as a face wash to erase freckles. Sounds silly, but roses are good for the skin. It decreases redness and broken capillaries, repairs sun damage, and improves texture and tone.

Roses were also used for rheumatism. The treatment was to inhale the smoke of burning roses. Rose essential oil can ease asthma and lung congestion. How? Add a few drops to a bowl of hot water and put a towel over the person’s head and have them inhale the steam.

Roses were also a common ingredient in love potions and other magical brews. Any wonder why the wild rose is also called a witch’s briar? Aroma therapists prize the rose for its sedative properties. Rub a drop of the diluted oil on your temples. Anxiety and tension headaches will ease.

Rose water relieves the itch and pain of insect bites. Fresh rose petals make a tasty and healthful tea, but can also relieve a sore throat. Hooray for the mighty rose!

Benefits of Omega-3

Did you know we are unable to make omega-3 fatty acids in our bodies? We need omega-3 fatty acids for normal body functions such as blood clotting and building cell membranes in the brain. They have also been found to decrease the risk of arrhythmias, decrease triglyceride levels, and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is one of the leading causes of stroke and heart attacks.

Omega-3’s are abundant in flax and hemp oil, but fish oil is the best source. Some are also hidden in spices such as basil, oregano, mint, and cloves. Afraid of eating fish due to mercury poisoning? Stick to the smaller fish for mercury is found in the bigger fish such as Albacore. Or simply start on a supplement of 1000 mg a day. Read the labels. There are 3 different kinds. EPA and DHA are from fish oils and ALA is from plant oils. ALA has less potent health effects as our bodies have to convert them to the types of omega-3’s found in fish oils and they don’t do so rapidly. If you find omega-3’s cause an unpleasant aftertaste, try keeping them in the freezer. Nature-Made brand has come out with omega-3’s that reduce the odor.

So what are you waiting for? Support the brain so it functions best.

All Natural Insect Repellant

Keep those pesky bugs away with this recipe. Smells great and you won’t get the toxic effects like commercial chemical repellants.


  • 8 oz. catnip hydrosol
  • 20 drops cedar essential oil
  • 20 drops lavender essential oil
  • 10 drops lemongrass essential oil
  • 10 drops lemon essential oil

Find a spray bottle or a roll-on container. Add the hydrosol first, then the next ingredients. Close the container and shake the contents around. Apply as often as needed.

Dry Doggy Shampoo Recipe

Do you have one of those dogs that hates bathes and will do everything in his power to get away from one? Does he sulk when he hears water running? I have a solution- a dry shampoo.

  • Ingredients: 
  • 1 cup of cornstarch
  • 7 drops of lavender essential oil
  • a jar with a tight lid
  • an ice pick

Using the ice pick, poke holes in the top of the jar lid. Place the cornstarch and the lavender oil inside the jar. Attach the lid. Shake the contents together until mixed well. Take your dog outside and sprinkle the dry shampoo over his fur. Work it in with your fingers. Stand back and allow your dog to shake some of the dust off. After approximately five minutes, brush his coat. The lavender repels fleas and the cornstarch will absorb stinky smells. That’s it.