4th of July Salad

My mother-in-law always called this my 4th of July salad because it’s so colorful. It’s a healthy pasta salad and one of my favorites. Here’s what you need:
2 red peppers
2 green peppers
1 6 oz. can sliced olives, drain water
1 pkg. colored rotini noodles
half a bottle Italian drsg.
2 chopped carrots
2 stalks chopped celery
sliced tomato

Chop up vegetables while pasta is cooking. When pasta noodles are done, rinse, and drain. Put pasta into a big bowl and add rest of ingredients.
Pour salad dressing over contents and blend through. Salt & pepper per taste.

Ezy-Pzy Fruit Salad

Here’s a simple tasty fruit salad. I could eat the whole bowl. Here are the ingredients you will need:

  • 1 container of Cool whip
  • 16 oz. can fruit salad
  • 1/2 cup shredded coconut
  • 1 small can of mandarin oranges
  • 1 banana
  • 1 apple
  • 1/2 cup golden raisins

Slice the banana into a bowl. Cut up the apple into bite size pieces and add to the banana. Drain the fruit cocktail and mix the fruit into the banana-apple concoction. Add the other ingredients then fold in the Cool whip. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

How to Make Rose Water

If you have roses in your yard and you want to keep their scent longer, then try making your own rose water. You can use the rose water mixed with glycerin for a simple lotion or you can use the rose water to fresh your bath or use it as a perfume.

Roses are best picked during morning hours, after the dew has dried off and before the sun has zapped all the oils from the flowers. Place the petals in a jar or crock and cover with distilled water. Use plenty of rose petals to fill the jar. Make sure the petals are covered completely with the water or they might mildew. Cover the jar and place it in a sunny window or outside in the sun. The water heats.  The color and the essential oils are extracted into the water. It usually takes only one day to have floral water. To prolong the scent of the rose water and to kill any bacteria that might form, add  some vodka. (1/2 cup vodka to 1 gallon of distilled water).

Scented Bath Salts

Here is a simple recipe and makes a sweet gift for those people that like to take a bath instead of a shower. You will need these ingredients:

  1. 5 cc or 1 tsp. glycerin
  2. 20 drops essential oil
  3. 2 drops food coloring
  4. 2 cups Epsom salts
  5. glass container or a jar

In a glass or metal bowl, add Epsom salts. Mix in the food color and blend together until the Epsom salts are no longer white. Stir in the glycerin. Next add the fragrance. Blend well. Allow mixture to dry before placing it in your container. Do not use a plastic bowl or measuring cups because the fragrance lingers in the plastic and it’s hard to wash it out. To use the bath salts, place a handful under running water or swirl it around while filling the tub.

Fragrant Room or Bed Spray

Here is an easy recipe to freshen a room or your bed linens. You will need:
1 T. vodka
1/2 cup distilled water
30 drops of essential oil
1- 4 ounce mist spray bottle

Measure out distilled water into a glass measuring cup. Add vodka. Select your essential oil for fragrance and add last. Gently, mix the concoction together and pour into your bottle. I prefer to use a funnel or a measuring cup with a spout to make it easier. Something light such as rainwater or cotton are good scents for your bed linen. I prefer something spicy such as cinnamon for a room spray, but it’s your choice. You can find essential oils online or in craft stores like Michael’s. Warning: keep spray away from flammable areas. This is the basic recipe. You can double it for a larger container. I like using plant misters myself.