Simple Holiday Ornaments

I made these a few years ago and I still love to make them because they are so easy and I enjoy the marbled color sensations they create. First of all buy some plain, clear round glass ornaments at a craft supply store. Decide on the colors you want before buying the paints. For a dazzling effect, buy metallic acrylic paints. Otherwise, any poster or acrylic paint will work. On your work surface, place newspapers in case of any mishaps or drips of paint. An empty egg carton works well to sit the ornaments on to dry when finished. In a paper cup, mix a small amount of water with the paint color until it is cream consistency. Remove the hanging cap from the ornament and pour in the first paint color. You may use a funnel if your hands are unsteady. Swirl or roll the paint around the inside of the ornament, coating the surface. Allow it to dry for five minutes. Pour in the second paint color and roll it around too. Allow it to dry for five minutes. If you want to add another color, continue the process. Pour out any excess paint. Dry thoroughly and place on egg crate. When ornament is completely dry, add the hanging cap.

Easy Lotion

Did you ever want to make your own lotion but didn’t know how? Well, here’s an easy recipe that I’ve used. You’ll need an old blender that you don’t want to use for food later.

Ingredients: 1 1/2 ounce sweet almond oil, 1/2 ounce cocoa butter, 1/2 ounce glycerin, eight ounces distilled water, 1 1/2 T. emulsifying wax, and if you want a scent then 30-50 drops of essential oil.

In a microwave-safe bowl, combine the almond oil, cocoa butter, glycerin, and wax. Melt at 1-2 minutes. If you don’t have a microwave or prefer this other method, use a double boiler. Measure out the distilled water and pour into the blender. Slowly, add melted oil mixture into the water while turning blender on low. Add the essential oil if you want a scent and incorporate enough to mix through. Using a funnel, pour blended mixture into your bottles or jars while still warm. Cap.